Commercial Photographer

Fun Things I've Done

Noah Radio and Sally GPS


I made a series of weather related animation shorts for my weather page using a software called xtranormal's State program. Unfortunately that company went bankrupt and the company that bought them changed the program.

Episode #7 when I make my first appearance on the show...

2017 Total Solar Eclipse


Behind the scenes video of when I traveled to Wyoming in 2017 with two of my friends and my oldest daughter to photograph the total eclipse.

Total Eclipse

My First Animation Film-1979


Using Super 8 film and adhesive tape to join the edited footage together, here is my first animation film shot with Greg Kopacka.

The Worm Family Goes to the Beach

College Sci-Fi Film-1979


End of an Error...shot on 16mm silent film with sound dubbed in afterwards. This was submitted to the College Oscars of 1980 and advanced to the second level of competition for that year.

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